Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill


Yongli Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill: 
Widely used in pellets making for high rank aqua feed,especially for Shrimp 

 Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill


1.Three and triple conditioners can be customized for high rank aqua feed,especially for Shrimp.

2.Gear directly-connecting driving is adopted for high efficiency.

3.Full stainless steel feeder; Variable pitch and anti bridging structure; Electromagnetic
   converter control.

4.Stainless steel conditioner; axial steam spraying extends the conditioning time and cooking effect.

5.Main gear and pinion shaft adopt the carbonizing quenching with high accuracy; smooth driving,
   low noise and long service life.

6.Gearbox and driving holes accuracy are guaranteed by specialized casting supplier and NCC.

Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill
Tips: The type of feed pelletizer based on different capacity(t/h)


【Feed pelletizing process】
   Including:rawing material receiving、grinding、mixing、pelleting、cooling&packing process

【Output beautiful pellets with uniform size


【Yongli Factory with 22,000m2