Supermicro Hammer Mill


Applicable for micro-grinding of shrimp bait, eel feed,turtle feed, the young animal feed finely ground.etc.

Tips: For other special animal feed, please contact us for better solution


1. Adjustable particle size, low material temperature, centrifugal cutting and air separating.

2. Small vibration, low noise, compact structure, small floor space, built-in centrifugal flow sorter.

3. Micro grinding available, high-speed at the end of the blade, controlled by the volume of air or sorter.

4. Grinding fineness is 40 mesh to 80 mesh.

5. For large and medium-sized specialty feed mill, especially for micro-grinding of shrimp bait, eel feed,
turtle feed, the young animal feed finely ground.


【Technical parameters】SWFL75、SWFL102、SWFL128


Grinding with uniform size】

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