YHM56 Series Hammer Mill


Applicable for raw materials grinding for feed mill, food plant, solvent plant, alcohol plant, citric acid plant,
oil plant, brewing plant, flour plant with different capacities.

 Tips: For special materials, please contact us for better solution

Hammer Mill


1. The shell is welded by steel plate, the site in the crush room which connects to the materials all use the
    wearable and commutative parts and double wear plate.

2. Coarse and fine powder can both be achieved by adjusting the gaps between hammer and the screen
    by changing the location of the pin rod.

3. The motor and rotor are installed in the same heavy-duty base, using coupling direct drive,the rotor
    are checked by dynamic balance, and can work forward and reverse, the hammers are arranged symmetrically.

4. The second grinding for grinding chamber, the output can increase 15% even particle size.
5. Stable running and low consumption

Hammer Mill

【Technical parameters】YHM56*35、YHM56*40

Hammer Mill

【Grinding with uniform size】

Hammer Mill

【No-dust workshop

【ISO9001&CE Certificates】