Double-Shafts Paddle Mixer


   Paddle Mixer is used for industries:
   Such as-premix feed mill, additives, feed mill, chemicals and pharmacy

 Double Shafts Paddle Mixer


1. Short mixing cycle(45s-60s), high mixing homogeneity (CV≤5%, 3% available).

2. Full length discharging door and quick discharging, low residue.

3. No deviation for long time mixing, many kinds of liquid addition available.

4. Chain driving, rigidity design ensures operation without trouble for long time

5. Compact structure, beautiful shape, low noise, no dust and environmental protection.

6. Equiped with double shafts paddle

Double Shafts Paddle Mixer

【Technical parameters】

Double Shafts Paddle Mixer
Tips: The type of Double-Shafts Paddle Mixer based on different capacity(t/h)

【No-dust workshop

【ISO9001&CE Certificates】