Ribbon Mixer(SLHY Series)


   Single shaft Paddle mixer widely used in mixing process of feed pellet making :
 Ribbon Mixer


1. Ribbon Mixer is applicable for compound feed plant, premix feed plant, food and flour plants.

2. Gentle mixing, without deviation and good homogeneity.

3. Reliable and low residue, convenient maintenance.

4. Mixing homogeneity CV≤7%, Mixing Time:180~240s.

5. Chain driving, rigidity design ensures long term operation without trouble.
6. National patent and Reasonable price.

【Technical parameters】

  Model      Capcity(kg/batch) Power(kw)
SLHY0.25 100 2.2
SLHY0.4 200 3
SLHY0.6 250 5.5
SLHY1 500 11
SLHY2.5 1000 18.5
SLHY5 2000 30
SLHY7.5 3000 37
        Tips: The type of Ribbon Mixer based on different capacity(kg/batch)

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