Raw Material Extruder

    Yongli Raw Material Extruder widely used for feed industry:
    Such as- full fat soybean, maize, soybean meal, cottonseed meal,
 rice bran extrusion; 
Raw Material Extruder also can be used for extruded food in food industry and pre-treatment
 soybean in oil extraction industry.
 Raw Material Extruder


1. The barrel and screw are easily for mounting and maintenance with long service life.

2. It can kill bad bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella and starch can be gelatinized
   fully and absorb rate of protein can be increased significantly.

3. The feeder is frequency controlled, therefore feeding rate and uniformity can be adjusted flexibly.

Raw Material Extruder

【Attractive advantages】

1. Raw materials needn’t to tempering treatment before going into the extruder, thus will remove the
    boiler and steam pipeline system
,which is necessary for tempering treatment. The moisture of
    extruded product is just right to cool and do not need to dry, it can greatly reduce the initial investment
    of that equipments.
2. Stable running and low consumption
3. Compact structure and wide applicable scope.

【Technical parameters】

Raw Material Extruder
The type of Raw Material Extruder based on different capacity(t/h)

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