Analysis on compression ratio of YONGLI pellet mill

Ring die pellet mill compression ratio is the ratio of the effective working length of the ring mold and die orifice

diameter. But according to the actual formulation of raw materials and product requirements to select the ring die

compression ratio. Low compression ratio to increase production, reduce energy consumption, reduce wear ring

mold and the pressure roller. But loose particles, of varying lengths, powder feed rate; conversely particulate solid,

smooth and shiny appearance, chalking small rate, but high production costs. Users can choose according to their

needs of ring die compression ratio, livestock ring die pellet compression is generally at least 10 more than 10 or less,

aquatic pellet feed ring mold compression ratio.


YONGLI recommendation may be based on the ring mold and corrosive materials selected work intensity ring mold

materials, mold ring material is generally carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel for corrosive materials and a small

ring mold hole ring mold is generally used stainless steel.


YONGLI after several hours using a ring mold according to the material because the inherent friction so that the original

aperture becomes larger, the effective compression length constant compression ratio becomes smaller, materials,

steam and other things being equal, the hardness of the particles to produce a situation gradually decreases next,

it is judged ring mold scrapped.