The advantage of extruded fish feed

What are the advantages of extruded fish feed?

1.  The extruded feed is floating on the water surface. When the fish eat the feed, they can directly observe the 

feeding situation of the fish, adjust the feeding amount in time, and know the growth and health status of 

the fish in time, which is helpful for scientific monitoring feeding management.

2.  Prevent feed waste.  The extruded fish feed has good stability in water, so it can avoid the loss of nutrients 

in the feed and the sinking of the feed into the water to cause feed waste.  

 3.  Feed utilization rate is high.  Due to the high temperature treatment, the starch is gelatinized, which is 

suitable for fish with a short digestive tract, thereby improving the utilization rate of various nutrients.

4.  Long shelf life.  Extruded fish feed has low moisture content and hard pellets, which are convenient for 

storage and transportation.

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