Screw Silo

Yongli Screw Silo---Alternative solution for modern storage

As a leading manufacturer of steel silo project, Yongli is particularly focused on the quality of the ailo! We are continuous researching and developing new technology to improve production technology and manufacturing level.

1. High Srength 
    Consructed by vertical reinforced rebar and screw undercut in horizontal, it enhances the intensity of the silo body with a strong ability to resist the wind,shock and snow load stress.

2. Short Consruction Cycle 
    It just put into use in 5-6 days to build a steel silo with the capacity of 1000t. It can also put  into use soon and benifit the users.
3. Beautiful Appearance 
    The top of silo appears to be in cone shape, which can resist dust and water. The body is of smooth line and shape.

4. Reliable Sealing
    Connected by screw undercut, which is five times thicker than the silo body. With its reliable sealing, it is available for fumigation and deinsectization.

5. Long Service Time 
    The body adopts hot galvannizing plate rolling, and the top of the silo adopts zincincation to prevent corrosion and enable the long service time.