Technical Project

Long period storage of materials:

Caused for silo is made of steel, and for its thin wall is less than thermal capacity , the thermal conduction

 and storage are affected by environment.Generally say the storage period of materials are not more than 

2 months, this also limits the long period of steel silo to store material In view of these above problems, 

adopt insulation combined with refrigeration way which is use of the thermal conductivity of materials

 (rock wool) covered on outer-ring of steel silo and using refrigeration equipment to inlet cold air blast

 to silo. This method generates results basically comparable with the concrete silo , but the cost is 

effective than traditional one with long storage time.Thermal storage project is mainly used in grain 

depot, farm, seed processing plants, food processing enterprises, the clients ,who use this thermal 

insulation technology are effectively to control the effect caused by the changes for the external 

temperature both in silo and gain temperature, delay the storehouse of grain quality, thermal

 insulation effect is remarkable, in favor of steel silos and storage grain safety, greatly 

promoted the development of low temperature grain storage. 

Soybean storage:

Soybean is a byproduct of soybean in the extraction of soybean oil,Because of its irregular

 fragmental, and its moisture content is usually slightly higher than other materials, so it is 

poor in fluidity and easy to arch (part easy to become to gelosis and obstruct flow? So 

we generally uses the storehouse of soybean meal, but the clearance work is intensity, 

and don’t conform to the scientific development of the productive forces. 

Soybean meal in the steel silo of arch and blockage problem has been plagued 

by domestic and foreign designers and users, although has taken many measures, 

but the effect is not ideal. 

Conventional storage of rice:

Principle of keeping rice is "dry, low temperature, closed". Inatani Hide generally 

widely used conventional storage method, also can use "double low" storage or 

"three low" storage method. We need to use ventilation storage or low temperature 

storage method before don't fully dry , in which rice conventional storage includes 

the following six major measures.

1.To control the moisture of grain

Strictly control the storage of paddy moisture, make it accord with safe water

 standards, safety standards of rice grain moisture changes with species, 

seasonal and climatic conditions. And in order to maintain germination rate 

for the seeds, the moisture which during the summer should also be lower 

than the safety standard one percent. 

2.Clear impurities of rice

The former requires wind , sieving or mechanical impurity, to reduced the 

impurity content to improve the storage stability of rice. Usually the impurity

content of rice decreased to below 0.5%, it can improve the storage stability 

of rice

3.Rice grading storage

Storage of rice need hierarchical storage, namely according to the varieties, 

good times, new Chen, wet and dry, no insect insect stacked separately, 

classified storage.

4.Rice ventilation cooling

Rice after storage, especially the early, mid-season , it is easy to cause feve 

casued by high grain temperature, vigorous physical activity, and difficult to 

distribute inner heat to leading to heap table surface condensation, mildew, 

bud, and casue the lossing. Therefore, the rice storage time after cooling 

and ventilation, to prevent condensation. In SEP - Oct, Nov-Dec and 

Jan- Feb take advantage of the night cold air and mechanical ventilation, 

will make the grain temperature from 33 to 35 degrees Celsius, at last

 below to 10 degrees celsius.

5.Prevention and control of rice insect pests

After storage, especially the early, mid-season ,It is easy to infect 

grain pests. Therefore, It need to take effective measures of 

comprehensive control of pests after the store. Usually using 

protective agent or fumigants to control.

6.Closed grain

We need to adopt effective measures to cove the surface of the 

grain and keep the storage airtight while the lowest temperature

 in late winter and early spring before the rising in temperature ,

inorder to keep the grain heap at low temperature (15 degrees 

Celsius) or quasi low temperature (20 degrees Celsius)e. 

Methods: a full closed bulk grain storehouse, plastic film cover closed. 

After at last 10 years engineering practice from yongli's steel silos , 

which according to the needs ofmaterials storage cycle , had 

developed a series of rice materials such as storage, actived 

in exploration and research in the material circulation and 

storage fieldsf , who can provide a comprehensive project 

for various of materials , planning of the construction and 

management of training, we are willing to work with all 

customers to share experience and promote the development

 of the industry inorder to enjoy a great future.


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