Ton Bag Packing Scale

< Ton Bag Packing Scale Features >

1. It is a multi-purpose packaging machine which integrates electronic weighing, automatic bag stripping and dust


2. High degree of automation, high precision packaging, packaging speed can be adjusted, the structure is superior.

3.The unique lifting system is particularly easy for handling tons of bags, and it is very convenient for the handling of

   the following process.

4.Advanced technology equipment, durable, less wearing parts.

5.The feeding and packaging of ton bag packing machine are stepless speed regulation, the equipment is stable, the

   packing accuracy is high and the speed is fast.

6.Programmable electronic control system, the control process is highly reliable.

7.The weighing system is an electronic hook scale measurement, using the full panel digital calibration and parameter

   setting, with the cumulative weight display and automatic peeling, automatic zero calibration, automatic fall correction

   function, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability.

< Ton Bag Packing Scale Technical parameters >

Model BDDC90*135
Feeding way Variable speed motor belt feeding
Raw material All kinds of powder and granular
Weighing range (kg/bag) 500-1000
Packaging speed(bag/h) 6-10
Packaging precision(%) 0.2
Air Pressure(MPa) 0.4-0.6
Dimension(mm) 3600*2260*2400
Weight(T) 1.24