YLHG Series Dryer

< Overview >
Dryer, also called sawdust drying machine ,biomass dryer or pellet dryer.
Mainly available with raw materials: particles,sawdust or grinded wood powder.
Available other powder biomass materials: straw, rice husk, alfalfa, peanut shell, palm nut, coconut shell, 
cotton seed, bamboo dust, elephant grass,sugar cane,pulp .etc. 

< Dryer Features >
1.Single batch feeding and drying.
2.Moisture of drying can be controlled.
3.Small floor space, low cost.
4.Paddles in the dryer stir and dry, with the function of mixing.
5.Manual ignition & automatic feeding.
6.Fuel: Particles, sawdust, etc., produce a variety of heat sources according to the actual situation.
7.Adopt heating shell drying way, high efficiency of heat utilization.
8.Suitable for small manufacturers or families.

< Techincal Parameters for Dryer >

Model YLHG0.7 YLHG1.4
Drying Way By batch By batch
Time of per batch 8-10min 8-10min
Volume of per batch 0.7m³ 1.4m³
Capacity(kg/h) 500-700 1000-1500
Inlet temperature(℃) 200-400 200-400
Outlet temperature(℃) 60-80 60-80
Heat utilization 80% 80%
Raw material Powder, Pellets Powder, Pellets
Available Fuel Coal, wood chips,
biomass pellets
Coal, wood chips,
biomass pellets
Fuel feed type Automatic Automatic
Inlet Moisture(%) 30%-60% 30%-60%
Outlet Moisture(%) 8%-12% 8%-12%
Power of mixing motor(kw) 4kw*2 7.5kw*2
     Power of discharging         motor(kw) 2.2 2.2*2

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