Liquid Scale

< Liquid Scale Features >

1. Used to add oil, amino acid and other nutrients in the feed (mixing machine), to improve the characteristics of the

    feed, etc.

2. Using high precision flow meter and imported programmable system control, with stable operation and accurate


3. Equipped with dual channel filtration system, sewage does not affect the work

4. Advanced structure, high precision, reliable operation, convenient operation, good anti-interference performance,

    high automation degree.

< Liquid Scale Technical  Parameters >

Model Weighing tank Buffer tank Power (kw) Weight (kg)
Dimension (mm) Volume (m³) Dimension (mm) Volume (m³)
SYTC32 Φ600*590 0.17 Φ600*590 0.17 1.5 314
SYTC63 Φ700*650 0.25 Φ700*650 0.25 2.2 404
SYTC128 Φ800*700 0.32 Φ800*700 0.32 3 550