Drum Spraying Machine

Drum Spraying Machine Features >

1.The machine use drum to keep the material moving,high-pressure spraying nozzle sprays liquid and full contact with

the surface of feed,to ensure uniform spraying;

2.Widely applicable in spraying grease,molasses,enzymes,vitamins,organic acids and other nutrients and drugs on the

surface of pellets and extruded feed,especially applicable for the production of high energy feed;

3.Additive amount is controlled by the system,quantity of liquid addition is 1%-8%;

4.Achievement of automatic combination for spraying is possible according to the additive amount.

Drum Spraying Machine Technical Parameters >

Model SYPG850
Capacity 2-12t / h
Fuel injection quantity 1.5l/h-600l/h(standard configuration is 100-600l / h)
About 0.04 t / h to 0.14 t / h
Oil tank volume  50-200kg
Spraying quantity error 1%
Spraying ratio 3%~8%
Gear pump power 1.5Kw * 2
Drum motor Power 2.2Kw
Drum speed 7-8 r / min