U-shaped Chain Conveyor

< Overview >

TGSU Series Drag Conveyor is a self-cleaning horizontal continuous conveying equipment and is mainly used for

conveying of small pellet or mash material in the industries of grain storage, grain 
processing, feed etc.

< U-shaped Chain Conveyor Features >

1. For the particle transportation of grain, food, feed and chemical industry.

2. Can stand-alone transport materials with  horizontal, inclined, and vertical way, also can through multi-machine

   combination to form a delivery system.

3. High yield, no residue, low failure rate, long life, ensure the use of efficiency,equipped with explosion-proof cover.

4. U-shaped groove at the bottom of the shell, ultra-high molecular polyethylene scraper, with the advantages of low

    noise, no residual materials, long service life.

5. Every certain distance within the chassis that is equipped with a plastic wheel, so that the conveyor belt will not be

sagging down, instead of the role of rails, reducing power consumption.

6. The tail is equipped with a movable body and flexible scraper to minimize the material residue.

7. All assembled structure design, easy to replace

8. Blocking alarm, optional stall warning device.

9. Novelty design, safe and reliable working, simple structure, complete function, good sealing and low noise.

< U-shaped Chain Conveyor Technical  Parameters >

Dimension of barrel cross section (mm) 200*340 250*388 320*425 400*530
Material Q235A Q235A Q235A Q235A
Power(kw) 2.2 3 3 4
Capacity(t/h) 15-25 25-45 45-75 75-115