Pet Food Extruder SPHS120


< Application >
  Pet Food Extruder SPHS120 is specialized for production of kinds of pet food, such as cat,dog etc.

  Also applicable for making 
high rank floating and sinking aqua feed, such as fish,shrimp,crab etc.

< Product Description >

- Capacity: 0.5-1t/h.   - Power: 44kw or 55kw.   

- The cutter is with movable cutter base.   

- The knife is made of spring steel and toothed with die plate well.

- FC inverter is used for control of cutter and the length of pellet can be adjusted.

Extruded pellet size:1mm-5mm.

- Siemens motor, Imported NSK bearing.

- R
easonable price

- Feeding System.

< Technical Parameters >

Model SPHS 120
Capacity(t/h) 0.2-0.6
Power(kw) 44/55

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