Twin Screw Extruder SPHS 126*2

< Overview >

Twin Screw Extruder SPHS 126*2 is specialized for production of high rank floating fish feed, sinking aqua feed, 

aquarium fish feed, pet food, etc. which is the hot-sale model in animal feed making market.

< Basic Features >

1. Touch screen control, easy to operate.

2. Using frequency control feeding, feeding evenly.

3. Host gear box with oil pump cooling system and lubrication system.

4. Double screw extrusion pumping institutions and optional dual-axis lengthening differential modulator to make the

    material fully mature,The degree of gelatinization can reach more than 98%. Applicable to a wide range of raw

    materials, high fat content.

5. Double-screw structure with self-cleaning ability to restart or replace the material varieties without

    cleaning machine boring and screw.


6.The discharging cutter frequency control, easy to adjust the length of the material.

7. Screw and screw barrel are all made of special materials, wear resistance, bear greater pressure.

8.Killing germs by high temperature and high pressure during the process to ensure the safety and health of

   feed products.



       Extruded Pellets


< Technical Parameters >

Model SPHS126*2
Main Motor(kw) 160/200
Screw Diameter(mm) 126
Cutter Motor(Kw) 4
Oil Cooling Pump(kw) 0.37
Capacity(t/h) 4-6

<  Twin Screw Extruder Details >




Twin Screw Extruder Pictures Show >

Extruded machine in production

Feed Extruder Project Case >


                  Feed Extruder Project Case

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