Supermicro Hammer Mill

< Overview >

Applicable for micro-grinding of shrimp bait, eel feed,turtle feed, the young animal feed finely ground.etc.

Tips: For other special animal feed, please Contact us for better solution.

< Basic Features >

1. Adopt integrated transmision structure with high output and reliable operation.

    Compact structure and small occupation, concealed centrifugal air current separator.

2. The precision of grinding, coarseness and fineness adjustable(40-100mesh),

    the passing sieve rate is up to 99.9%.

3. No sieve, prevent over micro-fine grinding effectively, low temperature ground materials,

    especially suitable for thermal sensitive materials.

4. Use specialized high strength horniness alloy blade and gear ring with the long useful ring.

5. Patent main bearing water cooling system make grinder operate in long term without stopping
    and lengthen the useful life of main bearing obviously.

6. Wind charge-in materials, get rid of stone and iron automatically, reducing the equipment failure.

7. Observation window design is convenient for examining the wear and tear situation of grinding

    chamber parts, reducing the equipment accident.

8. Worm wheel and worm lift cover design makes maintenance convenient and quick.

9. It is be used for high-grade aquatic, shrimp, crab, eel etc

10. For high-grade aquatic feed such as shrimp, crab, sea eel, turtle feed, the young animal feed finely ground.

< Technical Parameters Of YONGLI Supermicro Hammer Mill >

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
SWFL75 0.5-1.3 37/45/55
SWFL102 1.5-2.5 90/10
SWFL128 2.5-5.5 132/160


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