Double Rotors Hammer Mill For Animal Feed

< Application >

 Applicable for micro grinding of kinds of granule feed materials and powder materials

 Such as corn, sorghum, grain, soybean and fish material etc.

 For special materials, please
Contact us for better solution.

< Basic Features >

1. Parallel double rotors are set. Adjustable broken circulation equipment design 

    between two rotors is helpful to improve the output.
2. Optimize the hammer arrangement sufficiently with higher grinding efficiency.

3. Axial air compensation design can effectively break circulation layer, which helps raw materials grind

    and pass sieve. 
And meanwhile, to reduce the bearing temperature.
4. Various precision test incl. high precision dynamic balance ensure more stable operation,

    lower noise and more ideal function.
5. Rotors can prolong the lifespan of the quick wear parts by working forward and reverse.
6. Movable open operating door and safety interlock equipment ensure to open the door conveniently and safely.
7. Linkage type pressure screen institutions make the replacement of screener more convenient and reliable.
8. Frequency conversion impeller type or magnetic belt feeder make operation more reliable.
9. The gap between beaters and screeners can be adjusted to be suitable for high efficient grinding

    of different raw materials.

Driving by elastic pin coupling.
11. Compared with single rotor grinder, the output can increase 30% even particle size.

Double Rotors Hammer Mill Structure

<Double Rotors Hammer Mill Technical Parameters> 

Model YHMS56*40 YHMS66*50 YHMS66*60 YHMS66*75
Diameter of rotor(mm) 560 660 660 660
Width of grinding chamber(mm) 400 500 600 750
Main shaftspeed(rpm) 2970 2970 2970 2970
Hammer linear speed(m/s) 94 102 102 102
Hammer number(pc) General smash 48 64 80 104
Capacity(t/h) Generally Crushed(Screen diameter ≥θ3.5) 5-10 8-16 12-20 15-26
Fine Crushed(Screen diameter≤θ 2.0,≤ 40 mesh) 2-3 2.2-3.5 3.5-4.5 4.5-6
Power(kw) 30*2/37*2 37*2/45*2 45*2/55*2 55*2/75*2

      Parameters of YONGLI Double Rotors Hammer Mill

Grinding With Uniform Size >

Materials after grinding

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Double Rotors Hammer In Animal Feed Line>


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