Feed Hammer Mill YHM56 Series

< Application >

Applicable for raw materials grinding for feed mill, food plant,solvent plant, alcohol plant, citric acid plant,oil plant,

brewing plant, flour plant with different capacities.

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<Basic Features>

1. Water drop structure.

2. Directly connected motor.

3. Maintenance gate.

4. Grinding chamber seperation device optional.

5. U-shape grinding groove at the bottom of grinding chamber.

6. Dead Knife optional.

7. Rotor is undertaken dynamic balance test.

8. Rotor rotatng in closewise and anti-closewise direction.

9. Screen fix mechianism is equipped with pressing handle.

10.Diameter of screen.

11.Equipped with inspection and emergent stop.


 YONGLI Hammer Mill Structure

< Technical Parameters Of YHM56 Series Feed Hammer Mill  >

Model YHM56*36   YHM56*40
Diameter of rotor(mm) 560 560
Width of grinding chamber(mm) 360 400
Main shaftspeed(rpm) 2950 2950
Hammer linear speed(m/s) 86 86
Hammer number(pc) General smash 20 24
Fine grinding 40 48
Capacity(t/h) Generally Crushed(Screen diameter ≥θ6.0) 1.5-5 2-6
Fine Crushed
(Screen diameter 
≤θ 2.0,more than 40 mesh)
0.5-1 1-1.5
Power(kw) 22/30 30/37

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< Grinding With Uniform Size >

Hammer Mill


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