Feed Hammer Mill YHM68 Series

<Introduction of Feed Hammer Mill>

Feed Hammer Mill also called Feed Grinder ,plays an important role in the grinding process of feed Pellet

Production line.Our 
Feed Hammer Mill can grinding all kinds of feeds, such livestock feeds, animal feeds,

fish feed etc.
Applicable for raw materials grinding for feed mill,food plant,solvent plant,citric acid plant,

oil plant,brewing plant,flour plant with different capacities.

                              Final product from YONGLI hammer mill with different size of sieve plate

<Feed Hammer Mill YHM68 Series Features>

1. The crushing chamber is of water-drop type, eliminating circulation and increasing output.

2. At the bottom of the crushing chamber, a "U" type secondary crushing tank is provided to increase the number of

   strikes and the efficiency is increased by 30%.

3. Rotor using advanced dynamic balance instrument to ensure smooth operation; automatic load control, intelligent

control (optional).

4. Patent bottom knife structure, improve the grinding efficiency and fineness (optional).
5. Rotor forward and reverse adjustment, improve the life of hammer.
6. Special soundproof design, reduce the noise 5-8 decibels.
7.Divided structure to make the material distribute evenly and increase capacity.

Feed Hammer Mill YHM68 Series

<Technical Parameters Of Feed Hammer Mill YHM68 Series>

Model YHM68*80 YHM68*100 YHM68*120
Diameter of rotor(mm) 680 680 680
Width of grinding chamber(mm) 800 1000 1200
Main shaftspeed(rpm) 2975 2975 2975
Hammer linear speed(m/s) 107 107 107
Hammer number(pc) General smash 80 104 128
Fine grinding 80 104 128
Capacity(t/h) Generally Crushed(Screen diameter ≥θ6.0) 12-20 18-22 22-28
Fine Crushed(Screen diameter≤θ 2.0,more than 40 mesh) 5-10 8-12 10-15
Power(kw) 90/110 110/132 132/160

<YHM68 Series Feed Hammer Mill Structures>
If YHM68 series is not suitable for you, we have other Hammer Mill Series:

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