SDHJ Series Feed Mixer

< Application >

YONGLI SDHJ series paddle mixing machine widely used in mixing process of animal feed pellet making:

such as mixing for kinds of poultry feed pellet, livestock feed pellet, aqua feed pellet etc.

< Basic Features >

1. Adjustable blade, to improve the service life of the blades, to reduce the residual.

2. Mixing uniformity (≤ 5%), can be added with many kinds of liquid.

3. Discharge door with full-length door structure, and is equipped with a closed locking mechanism to 

    prevent leakage of material.

4. The  paddle mixer's main drive shaft is driven by hardened reducer.

5. Mixing uniformity for feed pellets.

6. Equipped with single shaft paddle.

< Technical Parameters >


Tips: The type of Single shaft Paddle feed mixer based on different capacity(t/h),

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