SSHJ Series Paddle Feed Mixer

Paddle Mixer Description >
1. Paddle Mixer, also called Horizontal Non-gravity Mixer, it is an advanced machine

    with high efficiency, high uniformity, high intensity, low energy consumption and low pollution.

2. The machine is widely used for mixing powder-powder and powder-granule, especially suitable for

    materials with big difference in specific gravity or particle size.


Application >

 YONGLI Double-Shafts Paddle Mixer is used for industries:

 Such as-premix feed mill, additives, feed mill, chemicals and pharmacy


 It's widely used in mixing process of animal feed pellet making:

 such as mixing for kinds of poultry feed pellet, livestock feed pellet, aqua feed pellet etc.

< Basic Features >

1. Short mixing cycle(45s-60s), high mixing homogeneity (CV≤5%3% available).

2. Full length discharging door and quick discharging, low residue.

3. No deviation for long time mixing, many kinds of liquid addition available.

4. Chain driving, rigidity design ensures operation without trouble for long time.

5. Compact structure, beautiful shape, low noise, no dust and environmental protection.

6. Equiped with double shafts paddle

7.Made by 6mm carbon steel and 8mm carbon steel blade.

SSHJ Series Paddle Feed Mixer Technical Parameters >



Parameters of 
SSHJ series paddle feed mixer

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Paddle Feed Mixer In Feed Production Line >

Feed Pellet Line Process

Feed Mixer In Yongli Feed Line Project


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