Rotary Distributor


< Rotary Distributor Features >

1.The device is capable of automatically adjusting, positioning and guiding the flow of material to a predetermined

   position. It is a remote-control feeding machine from one point to multipoints.

2.Applicable for raw material entering bin and feed mill intermediate product in and out.

3.Automatic self-cleaning the internal dust.

4.Automatically display the preset number of silos.

5.Automatically adjust position, position accurately, no cross feed.

< Rotary Distributor Technical Parameters > 

Model Station
Discharge tube
diameter (mm)
Power (kw) Discharge tube speed (rpm) Size (mm)
TFPX-4 4 200 0.55 1.5 φ1248*1780
TFPX-6 6 200 0.55 1.5 φ1248*1780
TFPX-8 8 200 0.55 1.5 φ1440*1940
TFPX-10 10 200 0.55 1.5 φ1440*1940
TFPX-12 12 200 0.55 1.5 φ1675*2180