Sinking Fish Feed Mill With Double Conditioners


YONGLI supply complete turnkey project  for fish feed pellet production

It's widely used in aqua sinking feed pellet making for kinds of

fishes and other aqua animals.

< Basic Features >

1. Raw materials: corn, brown rice, paddy, sorghum,soybean etc.

2. Equipped with double conditioners .

3. Gear directly-connecting driving is adopted for high efficiency.

4. Full stainless steel feeder.

5. Stainless steel conditioner.

6. Main gear and pinion shaft .

7. Gearbox and driving holes' accuracy.

 Passed ISO9001 and EU CE certification.

9. Feed chute.

10.(Optional)Intelligent automatic control system.
                                    YONGLI double conditoners
               Applicable raw materials and kinds of animal feed pellets

Model YPM320 YPM350 YPM420 YPM508 YPM660 YPM800
Capacity(t/h) 2-3 3-6 6-12 9-15 12-25 18-30
Power(kw) 37 55 110 132/160 200/220/250 250/280/315/355
Power of conditioner(kw) 4*2 4*2 5.5*2 5.5*2 7.5*2 15*2
Power of feeder(kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2 2.2 3 5.5
Inner diameter of die(mm) Ø320 Ø350 Ø420 Ø508 Ø660 Ø800
Pellet size(mm) Ø1-5 Ø1-5 Ø1-5 Ø1-5 Ø1-5 Ø1-5


Tips: The type of feed pellet mill based on different capacity(t/h)

Including:raw material receiving、grinding、mixing、pelleting、cooling

& packing process.

                                 A Complete Feed Pellet Making Process


           1. YONGLI technical team With 15 years of experience.

           2. YONGLI Feed Pellet turnkey projects all over the world.                                         

                          YONGLI  Experienced Workteam
       YONGLI feed pellet turnkey projects all over the world
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