Biomass Hammer Mill

< Introduction of Biomass Hammer Mill >

1. YONGLI biomass hammer mill, also called biomass grinder.

    It's plays an important role in the grinding process of biomass pellet production line.


< Basic Features >

1. Available biomass raw materials: wood sawdust, wood bricks, shavings, straw, peanut shell,palm shell, 

   cotton seed, bamboo dust, rice husk,elephant grass, sugar cane, pulp, olive dust etc.

2. Grinding chamber separation device optional.

3. Better Feeding Design.

4. The shell is welded by steel plate.

5. The motor and rotor are installed in the same heavy-duty base.

6.  Two kinds of gap between beaters&screeners through changing position of beater.

7. The smaller gap between beater and screeners.


< Working Principle for Hammer Mill >

The biomass material needs to be ground be fed into the top intake port through the feeding device which

matches this hammer mill, enters into the grinding room from the left or right side through intake direction plate.

Under the beating of high speed rotating hammer and the rubbing effect of screen, material is grinded gradually,

and discharged from the seat discharging port through screen holes under the effect of centrifugal force and airflow.

< Technical Parameters >

Model Diameter of rotor (mm) Width of grinding chamber (mm) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) linear speed (m/s) Rotating speed (rpm) Quantity of hammer (pcs)
YHM56*36 560 360 22/30 0.8-1.2 86 2950 20
YHM56*40 560 400 30/37 1-1.5 86 2950 24
YHM60*45 600 450 55 1.5-2.5 94 2970 48
YHM60*60 600 600 75 2.5-3.5 94 2970 64
YHM68*80 680 800 110 4-5 107 2980 80
YHM68*100 680 1000 132 6-7 107 2980 104
YHM68*120 680 1200 160 8-10 107 2980 128


< Attractive Features >

1. Water drop structure, with elegant structure and high grinding efficiency.

2. Siemens motor and SKF bearing.

3. U-shape grinding groove at the bottom of grinding chamber, with improvement of grinding efficiency of 50%-80%.

4. Dead knife optional that can improve the grinding efficiency

5. Screen fix mechanism is equipped with pressing handle, which makes more convenient of replacing of screen.

6. Diameter of screen can be determined according to the technological design.

7. Equipped with inspection and emergent stop device to protect the local worker from any injuries.

8. Patent and Reasonable price

9. Passed ISO9001 and EU CE certification

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< Biomass Hammer Mill in Biomass Pellet Line >

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