Wood Hammer Mill YHM 60 Series


< Application >

 Available raw materials: wood sawdust, wood bricks, shavings, straw, peanut shell,palm shell, cotton seed,

bamboo dust, rice husk,elephant grass, sugar cane, pulp, olive dust .etc.

< Basic Features >

   1. Grinding chamber separation device optional.

   2. Better Feeding Design.

   3. The shell is welded by steel plate.

   4. The motor and rotor are installed in the same heavy-duty base.

   5. Two kinds of gap between beaters&screeners through changing position of beater.

   6. The smaller gap between beater and screeners can be used for grinding coarse and fine materials

   7. Raw materials after grinding: less than 6mm.


< Technical Parameters >

Model YHM60*45 YHM60*60
Diameter of rotor(mm) 600 600
Width of grinding chamber(mm) 450 600
Power(kw) 55 75
Capacity(t/h) 1.5-2.5 2.5-3.5
Linear speed(m/s) 94 94
Rotating Speed(rpm) 2970 2970
Quantity of hammer(pcs) 48 64

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