< Silencer Features >

1. Silencer is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise.

2. Silencer is usually installed in the airflow passages of aerodynamic equipment(Such as blowers, air compressors,

    boiler exhaust outlets, generators, pumps and so on) or in the intake and exhaust systems to reduce noise.

3. It is made of 3mm carbon steel, the inner plate is punched at one time, high-quality rock wool filled, effectively reduce

    the noise.

< Silencer Technical parameters >

Model Internal diameter External diameter Length
YLXY300 300mm 500mm 1200mm
YLXY350 350mm 550mm 1200mm
YLXY400 400mm 600mm 1200mm
YLXY450 450mm 650mm 1200mm
YLXY500 500mm 700mm 1450mm
YLXY550 55mm 750mm 1450mm
YLXY600 600mm 800mm 1450mm
YLXY650 650mm 850mm 1450mm
YLXY700 700mm 900mm 1500mm
YLXY750 750mm 950mm 1500mm
YLXY800 800mm 1000mm 1500mm
YLXY850 850mm 1050mm 1500mm
YLXY900 900mm 1300mm 2300mm
YLXY1000 1000mm 1400mm 2300mm