Steam Boiler

< Steam Boiler Features >

1.The use of horizontal internal combustion, structure of full wetback three-pass, and the use of advanced thread flue

   pipe heat transfer technology;

2. Front and rear smoke box with removable door;

3. The use of automatic microcomputer program control system;

4. A variety of fuel options, available electricity, oil, gas, coal, biomass pellets and other.

< Steam Boiler Technical Parameters >

Model 0.5T 1T 1.5T 2T
Steam generation 0.5T/H 1T/H 1.5T/H 2T/H
Workingpressure(MPa) 0.6-1 0.6-1 0.6-1 0.6-1
Thermal efficiency ≥90% ≥90% ≥90% ≥90%