2.5TPH Wood Pellet Line

【Basic features】


1. Wide applicable scope:  wood, sawdust, sugar cane, bamboo, rice husk, grass, straw,etc,
                                       and some special raw materials like rubber, clay and plastic as well.


2. Capacity: 2.5 ton per hour or even more.

3. After-sales guarantee: One year warranty and all round after-sales service.

4. Unique after-sale service: Agencies for installation and maintenance of
                                             YONGLI are gradually established in South America.

【Pellet Process description】

1.Log processing


2.5TPH Wood Pellet Line

wood chipperprocessing the log with different blade size of 1-3 cm.


2.Wood processing

2.5TPH Wood Pellet Line

hammer millNo dust emissions. The sawdust size of discharged generally is about 3 to 4 mm.


3.Wood drying process 

 2.5TPH Wood Pellet Line

drum dryer :Internal heat exchange rate more than 90%

                     Automatic feed. Final sawdust’s moisture is 13-18%.


4. Pellet forming process 

2.5TPH Wood Pellet Line

pellet millAutomatic lubrication system. Wide applicable. Final pellets moisture is 10-13%.


5.Cooling process 

2.5TPH Wood Pellet Line

coolerCooled pellet moisture is around 7-8% and particle density is 700-750 kg/ m3.


6.Packaging process 

packing machineCould be customized with different package amount.