Drum Pulse Filter

< Features >

1. Direct connect by special air bag and solenoid vale to ensure the less damage to the solenoid valve diaphrahm

   and the stable and reliable running.

2. High-tech and famous product,original structure,compact craftsmanship.

3. Double inlet.flexible layout,small covered area.

4. The choice of bag can be ultra-fine,temperature resistance,humidity resistance,antistatic depends on user needs.

5. High efficiency dedusting(≥99.9%).

6. Square Pulse Filter is mainly used for charging pot,requirement of negative pressure and less dedusting volume

    place.Small size is the feature of this kind of pulse filter. 

Model TBLMy10 TBLMy18 TBLMy26 TBLMy39 TBLMy52 TBLMy78
Filtering Area(m³) 3.77 10.2 19.6 29.4 39.2 58.8
Treating Air Flow(m³/h) 452-904 1220-2440 2354-4708 3525-7050 4700-9400 7054-14108
Bag Size(Ф) 120x1000 120x1500 120x2000

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