Biomass Wood Chipper YLBX21010

< Description Of Biomass Wood Chipper >

The biomass wood chipper machines are spcial equipment for production of wood chips and biomass chips.

It's widely used in biomass power plant ,wood chip plant and so on.

Machine includes body ,knife rolls ,the upper and lower feed rollers ,conveyor belts,

hydraulic system components.

The body is made of high strength steel plate welded,which is a supporting foundation of the entire machine.

< Basic Features >

1. Biomass wood chipper machine available raw materials: wood logs, branches and twigs with moisture more than

    15%.Available non-wood materials: sugar cane,reed,bamboo,slab,waste veneer,processing residues.etc.

2. Drum wood chipper is the special equipment for producing perfect wood chips.Logs and small wood can be cut

     into high quality with even length and uniform chip thickness

3. Low power consumption, which is 20-50% lower than similar product in market.

4. Special material blade, with high strength and anti-abrasion. Free of any professional tool sharpener,low

     maintenance cost, which enjoys the patent: ZL201420054885.

5. Feeding system consists of feeding and squeezing parts:

   (1) Squeezing part: automatic controlled by hydraulic systems.
   (2) Feeding system: can be frequency controlled and can prevent wood chipper from overload working when it is

        overload, the material will be returned back.

6. Forging dead plate, with high strength and long service time.

7. Bearing adopts Sweden SKF heavy duty bearing, ensure the equipment's performance and service life under

    continus full load operation state.

8. Siemens motor

9. Capacity: 75M3/h


< Technical Parameters >

Model YLBX21010
Rotor diameter(mm) 1000
 Number of rotor knives(pcs)  18
Feed opening(mm) 350×700
Rotor Speed(rpm) 550
Stock processed max diameter(mm) 300
Clip lenght(mm) 20
Capacity(M3/h) 75
Main drive motor power(kw) 160 
Feed roller motor power(kw) 7.5*2 inverter optional
Pump motor power(kw) 1.1
Machine net weight(T) 9.7
overall dimensions(mm)  3532×3260×1650

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< Wood Chipping Process >

Feeding conveyor⇒wood chipper+inverter+electric control cabinet⇒Output conveyor