Wood Debarking Machine YLMB-Z600II

< Description >

1.  Wood Debarking Machine, also called log debarker, wood debarker or wood peeling machine.

2. With double roller wood peeling machine roller shaft peeling, simple and strong structure, strong rigidity,
    low failure rate, long service life.
3. Different wood species, peeling effect can be adjusted, the wood of varying lengths, can be curved
    spiral wet and dry peeling machine. One machine can peel 70-100 tons of logs per day, significant

    savings in manpower.
4. For new cutting softwood and some hardwood peeling treatment can also be completed part of the

    frozen material, the processing of dry wood stripping. The double roller wood peeling machine is widely

    used in MDF mill, paper mills, veneer plants, wood chip plants, pulp plants, wood storage plant, forest .etc.


Wood Debarking Machine Z600II

< Basic Features >

1.  Available raw materials: mainly used for wood logs with barks.

  2.  Famous brand tooth surface, with high driving efficiency and long service time.

  3.  Debarker roller is directly connected with reducer, with stable operation

      and easy maintenance.

  4.  Debarking knives are arranged in screw type, with high debarking efficiency.

  5.  Equipped with belt conveyor at the bottom of wood debarker, it is set to collect

       and convey barks.

  6.  Separated type side board, which makes maintenance more convenience.

  7.  Can be customized according to raw material diameter and length.

  8.  Continuously operation allowed.

  9.   Hydraulic opening gates allowed according to technological process.

  10. NSK/SKF bearing.

  11. With double roller wood peeling machine roller shaft peeling, simple and strong

        structure,strong rigidity, 
low failure rate, long service life.

  12. It will be different according to different raw materials, moisture content and size.

        The whole process is highly 
automatically controlled.
Ambient temperature control,temperature range:  -20 ° C - + 50 ° C.

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< Technical Parameters >
Model YLMB-Z600II
Capacity(t/h) 7~12
Diameter range(mm) 20-500
Peeled rate >95%
Timber loss rate <2%
Timber length(m) <5
Power of main motor(kw) 11*2+1.5

< Process route >

   1. Log—Material loading machine—Debarker feed chute—Barker—Discharging machine
       —Roller conveyer—Belt conveyer—Chipper feed chute—Chipper

   2. Tree bark fell from drum debarker out-feed channel and roller conveyer—Belt conveyer
       —Energy plant

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