Three Rollers Wood Debarker YMBT450

 Three Rollers Wood Debarker Features >

1. Adaptable for wood, and it is available for different tree species, diameter, length and shape of the short-cut wood.

2. Simple structure, strong rigidity, low failure rate, long service life.

3. Open-type silos, can feed from one end, discharge from the other end, overcome the existing drum-type debarker

     power outage, the expected shortcomings of the work of sub-type, high efficiency.

4. As the impact of the teeth on the short-cut wood, not only make short-cut wood do circular motion within the cabinet,

    and around their own rotation, so the peeling efficiency is high. Eucalyptus, poplar and other hard-skinned species

    have better skinning effect, clarity of 95% or more.

5. Low energy consumption, low failure rate, small maintenance workload, low vibration and noise.

Three Rollers Wood Debarker Technical parameter >

Model YMBT450
Number of Blade Roll(pc) 3
Diameter Range(mm) 20-1000
Maximum Timber Length(mm) Can be customized according to customer requirements
Power of Motor(kw) 15*2+18.5+3
Peeled Rate >95%
Timber Loss <2%
Dimension(mm) 6964*2500*3030
Weight(T) 13.57
Capacity(T/H) 25-30

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