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Belt Conveyor for wood pellet machinery line

 Reducer should be lubricated with oil or grease till the half of the oil meter or oil pipe. Excessive filling will result in over-heat of the reducer box and shorten the service life of the reducer and motor. Lubricating grease should also be added with proper amount. Excessive grease will damage the bearing by overheating.


Inspect the tensity of the driving chain and the parallelism of the chain wheel. Loose chain will damage the chain and chain wheel, then shorten the service life. Inadequate parallelism or loose chain will result in chain skip, or even break the reducer pedestal. Firstly, check the belt after switch-on, and check whether the belt is installed between the head pulley and tail pulley. If the belt is off-tracking, switch the equipment off and adjust it. If the belt off-tracking  occurs in the position of head or tail pulley, and conveyor is not equipped with adjustable lead screw, then loosen the reducer pedestal on belt-oriented side and block it up. After tightening the screw on bearing pedestal, switch the conveyor on till the belt move back between the head and tail pulley. If the adjustable lead screw is available, adjust it. Frequent inspection should be undertaken during production, the belt should be always tighten. Loose belt will lead the belt slip on the head pulley, and finally rub the belt off. The overlong belt will make the adjustment impossible. Cut the belt from the joint section and re-make the belt joint. Long-time conveyance of the high temperature pellet will extend the belt, especially for the belt conveyor under the pellet mill. Inspect the set screw in the base angle of the reducer frequently, stop the equipment and tighten the screw when the looseness occurs. Most of the breakage of the base angle of the reducer are caused by the beating shock of the loosing screw. After the operation of 100 hours, the oil of the reducer should be replaced. Fresh oil should be filled at 3 to 6 months intervals.