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Sawdust Screener for wood pellet production line

 Lubrication grease should be filled before the commissioning of the Sawdust Screener. Inspect the impurities inside the screen drum. Impurities by installation will result in the deformation and damage of the screen. Clean up the impurities and mend the worn screener in time.

Select the suitable screen according to the material of different specification. The screener is equipped with standard screen before leaving factory. If the screen is unsuitable, users should replace the screen in time. The screener should run smoothly and without blocking after switch-on. If blocking, check whether the chain wheel is skipping. If skipping occurs, adjust the tension of the chain and the parallelism of the chain wheel, then check the main shaft, if it is deformed, adjust it immediately. If great deformation occurs, the main shaft should be replaced. Long staff and block should be prevented before the raw material goes into the screener.

Long staff is easy to get the screen drum stuck at the impurity outlet, then deforms the screen drum or even burns the motor out. Much sawdust and wood shavings screened from impurity outlet, it indicates that the pore is too small. If nothing can be screened from the outlet, it means the screen pore is too big.