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Package Scale of feed machinery line

1.    When packing, the package hopper should be prepared with certain volume of stock to maintain the continuity package.

2.    Obvious vibration is forbidden, so as not to affect the packing precision.

3.    If it leaves unused for long time, evacuate the material inside and clean the residues up.

4.    The electric part should keep dry and be periodic maintained.

Pneumatic Device:

a.    Check if there is any leakage of air compressor or the material keeping gate is in position.

b.    Material flow regulator setting volume (0.4MPA in generally )

c.    The sensor should be installed fixed and clean. Clip and collision phenomenon should be prevented.

d.    Replace the cylinder each year, O ring and sealing element (oil seal, piston ring ).

e.    Whether the bag structure is flexible, if the bag is installed fixed. Remember to replace the rubber belt and high-strength canvas strip.

f.     Clean up the air pipe, keep the pipe be dust absorbed. With excellent surge efficiency.