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Management and maintenance of Feed machinery

 Feed machinery is developing rapidly, the speed even will be faster,and capacity of feed machienry  will be growing.Mechanization, automation, intelligence will be higher.We should reinforce our anagement and maintenance of Feed machinery. But now fatactory has not know that,they don't improve management thinking. If they don't do this,Productivity will be effected and Reducing costs will be difficult. Many factors effect Management and maintenance of Feed machinery.

Firstly,Maintenance skills whether meet the requirements.This is about Maintenance personnel skills.Before the maintenance personnel are more professional in machines. But now they should use both machienry and computer.So skills effect Management and maintenance of Feed machinery.

Secondly,The method has changed.We manage machinery according to the phase.We have a strict time limit for routine maintenance,and we think maintenance more important than repairing.Barrier-free operation is the minimum requirement of the enterprise.

Thirdly,Management ideas and methods to keep pace with The Times.Executives of feed machinery equipment management thinking to follow up the development of feed machinery, must have the plan, purposefully arrange maintenance process and the management and maintenance methods.