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Problems when using sawdust pellet mill

 Provisions below should be complied before the switch-on and operation of Pellet Mill:

1. Lubricate each lubricating point, 68# industrial enclosed gear oil should be filled into the Pellet Mill box; Without dropping point and thermo stability grease should be filled into the roller and main shaft, and could bear the temperature between 320 to 360. Lubrication enables the driving part of the pellet mill to operate flexibly and reduce the work load.

2. Replace the lubrication oil regularly. The oil of the new machine should be replaced about half month. After that, the oil should be replaced about 1000 hours of consecutive working. Such practice can prolong the service life of the gear.

3. Each shift must carefully inspect the inter-connecting pieces of each part, and see if they become less crowed or the position switch is reliable. The Feed Screw Conveyor and Conditioner should also be cleaning up to avoid mechanical fault.

4. Each shift should inspect the driving key, lining ring of roller and wearing of  the hoop. If there is any abrasion, replace the old one to avoid vibration. Such vibration will reduce the capacity or will even crack the race rotation and the ring die.

5. Superior quality ring die and roller are required. Inferior ring die, such ass out-of-round and coarse inner pore are rejected to be put into production. Select the compression ratio of the ring die according to different materials. Qualified ring die will enable the smooth discharge, power consumption reduction and capacity improvement.

6. Each shift should adjust the gap between roller and ring die. An ideal status should be a slight contact between the vertex of roller and ring die, then manually operate the race rotation, the roller is likely to be “half-run”. If the gap is too large and the roller is unable to rotate, it will result in the blockage of machine. If the gap is too small, the abrasion between roller and ring die will be much severe. It will even damage the ring die and roller. The gap between roller and ring die should be checked at least each 4 hours. The adjustment direction of roller should be noticed when adjusting (Arrow signals of correct adjustment direction could be found on the Gap Regulation Wheel). The force moment by the rollers on the pellet mill shaft should be zero (0) to prevent the pellet mill from the influence of symmetrical force.

7. The collocation of roller and ring die should be both brand-new or old. Such practice is to make the roller and ring die be copy-shaped. The partial gap between roller and ring die should be almost the same. The stress on the roller should be even and the discharge will be uniformed to improve the production capacity. In case of blockage, the roller should be loosened and cleaned up on the inwall, readjust the gap between roller and ring die. Forced switch-on is forbidden to avoid the damage caused by severe vibration between driving part and bearing.

8. Over-load production is prohibited. The production should not go beyond the operation capability of the pellet mill, or the service life will be shortened by the damaged motor and spare parts.

9. Material magnetic separation should be undertaken. Each shift should clean up the magnetic device to prevent the impurities from getting into the operation chamber. Otherwise, it will result in vibration of machine body and ring die cracking.