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Sawdust pellet mill of biomass pellet line

Sawdust pellet mill is a kind of agricultural machinery to make the raw material into biomass fuel by production process. Frequent material such as straws of fruit wood and crops, sometimes bamboo dust can be used. Different materials differ from each other in same technical process by commissioning, for example some kinds of materials are with fiber, and therefore, they are hard to pelletizing. YONGLI upgrades sawdust pellet mill according to the features of raw materials.

YPM pellet mill solve the problem of difficulty of fiber pelletizing and poor efficiency of pelletizing. Mainly driven by motor, frequency control feeding guarantee evenly feeding, hoop series ring die is also applied for convenient removing and assembly. Customize qualified ring dies according to the raw material so that the service time of pellet mill can be prolonged. Quality of pellet can be improved, energy consumption can be reduced.
By research in the bearing market, YONGLI selects the qualified bearing originating in Switzerland, which is of high driving efficiency, stable running and low noise. Such kind of pellet mill improves the pertinence of raw material, it means a new era for technical process. YONGLI supervises each process of manufacturing and guarantees the quality of each pellet mill. Low energy consumption and high production pellet mill will be the optimized option for you.