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clients from Australia visit our factory

 On Dec 18th 2014, our clients from Australia  visited our factory and discussed the Animal Feed Pellet line with our manager! They were looking for 10tph cow feed pellet line.

They said that we are very kind. because we have got everything ready before they come.  They have known something about our feed pellet lines from our sale managers on line, So this time they want to get more information by visiting our factory.
They visited our Assembly Workshop,  Ring Die Production Workshop, Electronic Control Workshop,Finish machining workshop and Ware house. they thumbed up praise our machines be produced with high quality.They talked about quanlity with our quality inspectors,and looking Observed working line.

At last we also had a meeting for discussion. After visiting and a long time meeting, they signed a contract with us for the whole pellet line.
We are sure this new plant will bring them much more profits and it will also help us to get more and more clients from the overseas market!