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Global Pellet Market Outlook Summit on April 16th
The Global Pellet Market Outlook Summit will offer attendees a one-day, intensive exploration of the biomass industry’s most dynamic market segment. Fueled by global policies aimed at reducing the carbon intensity of energy products, the market for wood pellets has grown steadily since the early 2000s. While industry forecasts about the rate of growth may vary, the consensus is that global demand will continue to rise for the next decade.

The Global Pellet Market Outlook Summit will bring together the world’s most informed market observers to bring attendees up to speed on existing, expanding and emerging markets for pellets and the policy and marketplace dynamics shaping them.

Industry experts will provide updates on:
  • The Industrial Pellet Market in the United Kingdom and impact of a conservative majority in Parliament on this vital market.
  • The policy situation in the Netherlands and what it means for this promising market.
  • Heating markets throughout Europe and the momentum of appliance sales throughout the region.
  • The state-of-play in South Korea and what it means for North American producers.
  • When other Asian markets like Japan and China might begin to emerge.
  • Appliance sales and efforts to grow heating markets in North America.
  • Opportunities and challenges producers face in the retail market in the United States.
  • Non-energy markets for wood pellets (absorbents, animal bedding and barbecues)
  • Global pellet production trends including new players like Vietnam, Russia and eastern Europe.
The Global Pellet Market Outlook Summit is a perfect complement to the technical content available to pellet producers within the International Biomass Conference & Expo. Together, these two events offer industry professionals an unrivaled opportunity to gain not only the very best in market forecasts and business intelligence, but also best practices in pellet production, dust control, operations and maintenance, plant safety and much, much more.