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YONGLI Pellet Mill,get rid of Granulating fault
Jiangsu Yongli Machinery Co., Ltd. covers an area of 22,000 square meters of production plants,

equipped with advanced technology production equipment and top professional R & D team,

over the years has developed into the integration of product, production and sales of high-end enterprise .

The company developed the production of pellet mill, relying on decades of professional granulating machine

manufacturing technology and improve the manufacturing process, is now producing a variety of production

YPM series granulator, film granulator vertical ring, animal feed aquatic feed pelleting machines.

YONGLI YPM series Pellet Mill

YONGLI pellet mill spare part

Roll slip treatment
(1) High water quenching: (material water, steam quality, quenching temperature and other factors)

     should be aware of raw water and steam insulation and hydrophobic effects, etc.,

     pay attention to the production of steam pressure, temperature quenching, and current changes,

     timely adjustment. Feed most suitably 14.5 to 16.5%.

(2) guide ring mold mouth polished repair guide mouth. Find out the reasons:

A, granulating machine and the drive wheel and hoop enclosure lining wear;

B, concentricity error ring mold is installed must not exceed 0.3 mm;

C, nip should be adjusted to: the ring mold four cycle of operation one-half the face, can drive the roll shell operation,

     should also ensure transfer gap wheel and tighten the screws in good working condition;

D, must not let slip roll granulator when their own long idle, waiting for it to self-discharge;

E, using the aperture ring die compression ratio is high: not fit well with the recipe;

F, pellet mill feed material in the absence of the case, do not let the granulator unnecessary idling;