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Yongli Machinery provide the world turst-worthy machine
   Jiangsu Yongli Machinery Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters of production plants, equipped with

advanced technology production equipment and top professional team. Over the years Yongli has developed into

a set product development, production and sales of integrated high-end enterprise. The company developed the 

production of pulse filter, relying on decades of professional filter manufacturing technology and improve the 

manufacturing process, is now producing a variety of series production TBLM pulse filter.

   Quality products and personalized custom services to meet diversified customer needs !

    Suitable for feed and biomass industry in the stand-alone or centralized dedusting and pneumatic conveying of

 dust , but also applies to other industries as dust recycling , filtered dust .
1. Pulse filter is divided into two kinds of cylindrical pulse filter and square pulse filter.
2. The resistance of the device is small, light bag load, handle large amount of wind, high dust removal effect, low 

    noise, compact structure, small footprint.
3. Pulse filter is mainly composed of the body, bag apparatus, cleaning system, airlock and other components.
4. Bag device consists of flower plate, bag rack, bag gland and other components.
5. Cleaning system consists of pulse controller, solenoid valves, injection device and gas storage packages.
6. Installation considerations, when the device is connected with the inlet and outlet piping, attention should be sealed. 

    Body and flat ground.
7. Commissioning notes, check the power supply and air supply is turned on and correct, adjust the pulse width and 

    pulse interval, pulse controller requires to have an accurate pulse signal output, digital display digital programs 

    without disturbance phenomenon. 

  For 20 years, Yongli always adhering the concept "Quality is the soul of company", build first-class pulse filter,

first-class service , provide the world with high-yield and efficient dust removal equipment !