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Analysis of difficulities on pelletizing

     In pellet feed production process, the operator often encounter difficulties granulators, correct

analysis of its causes and quickly eliminate it is the key to ensure normal production granulators.

     As for the reasons of pellet mill grain difficulties. Yongli Machinery take the first step from the

operating state of the granulator analysis, such as new workers for employment, change of feed  

varieties, replacement die, roll, or overhaul commissioning, etc., to determine the direction of the

fault analysis. That may occur in operation of the workers, or raw materials, process problems,

or the device itself.

     After the failure analysis to determine the direction, and then look for specific reasons from

the table and in.


General steps to analyze the reasons:

1. Check whether the formulation of raw materials is conducive to extrusion, raw material moisture,

    particle size is appropriate.
2. Check whether the operators operate in strict accordance with the rules, whether the operating

    level jobs technical requirements.

3. Check whether the process is reasonable, whether the right process parameters,

    process planning is sound.

4. Check each pellet mill drive system is normal. Powder silos, feeders, mixers, feed bucket ramp is blocked.

5. Observe the pressure gauge, thermometer display value is normal.