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YONGLI YLBX series hammer mill

Hammer mill is currently the most widely used as a grinder. KWh higher amount of product; Universal; because

some hammer and the rotor is less connected, the metallic foreign body into the mill, just break screen films

without major incident; but uneven pulverized particle size, more powder. Crushing chamber by the feed

mechanism (rotor, hammer, sieve, tooth plate), the composition of its structure, the discharge part (fans, set

the barrel, dust bag) in three parts.

In operation, the feed from the feed mechanism into the grinding chamber; in the high-speed rotary hammer blow

fly tooth plate; and the tooth plate collision hammer bounced back after being hit again; at the same time, between

the screen surface with a hammer, but also by the intense friction feed, under repeated blows collision and friction

effects, feed gradually being crushed. Grinder without fans, air flow from the grinding chamber so that crushed

material discharged through the sieve.

Fan belt grinder, will be crushed from the rear mesh withdrawn, still need through powder collector device (such as

a collection barrel, dust bag, etc.) mixed gas stream of air and ground separation.