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Introduction to YONGLI single paddle mixer

SDHJ series horizontal single-axis paddle mixer suitable for mixing feed, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals,

pesticides and other industries powder, granular, flake, block, and hetero-like viscous material, a mixture

of the distribution, ensure the quality of mixed feed.


(1) SDHJ horizontal single-axis paddle mixer is a batch mixer, excellent mixing uniformity.

(2) Wing Lap uniaxial paddle mixer rotor and the housing gap is very small, so that the material can be fully

      mixed, full-length open bottom, a small amount of residual material.

(3) Ends of the body sealed tight, to prevent the two shaft material leakage phenomenon.

(4) The discharge door with pneumatic control, more accurate and reliable operation, good sealing performance.

(5) A mixer built with the liquid dosing device, distributed evenly dispersed.

(6) The overall structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance.