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YONGLI SKLB series cooler

production SKLB Tilting cooler is mainly used for cooling extruded feed pellet.
     Feed mill currently often apply countercurrent cooler. Conventional counterflow cooler ships with the sliding

valve discharge mechanism, which consists of three nesting box composition, the upper fixed frame, middle

frame for the event, the lower nesting box.
     Driven by the motor and drive mechanism, the movable frame to reciprocate, changing the relative position of

the movable frame and the frame between the discharge, thereby performing discharging, the discharge

mechanism for diameter Ф18mm less particulate material, nesting more smooth, the better.
     Due to the small gap between the movable frame and the nesting box for at least Ф18mm and slug pellets,

lump, powder feed can not achieve normal discharge, the discharge will cause poor. Expanded, extruded feed

is a dough-like, massive, special powder mixed feed, beef apparently spool type discharge mechanism is cooler

longer meet the expanded and cooled extruded feed, and feed mills process layout , using the expansion and

granulation station coexist, we can produce swelling material, but also the expansion and then granulated.
     Tilting cooler to meet the special requirements of hydraulic or pneumatic control Tilting discharge from the

fundamental solution to the cooling feed mill in a cooling device can cool down the expansion, can be cooled

extruded feed pellets problems.