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YONGLI dryer debugging
【Dryer debugging】

1. YONGLI boiler air temperature reached YONGLI dryer desired temperature, turn the drying operation.

2. Turn YONGLI dryer, rear and other operations, unloading airlock - dryer drum - main fan - Other auxiliary
    equipment - open feeding system.

3. Note YONGLI dryer adjustment, first turned on, the dryer should be adjusted to the speed of about 40HZ,

    the main fan flow around frequency 40HZ.

4. Check YONGLI dryer outlet temperature reaches the discharge requirements.

5. Dryer humidity is too high, adjustment method:

    ⑴ adjust YONGLI dryer inlet air temperature of 50% -60% moisture were 400 ℃ -450 ℃
                                                                               40% -50% moisture were 350 ℃ -400 ℃

        The above values ​​are theoretical values ​​for reference only.

    ⑵ adjust the inlet air temperature requirements, the drying operation.

    ⑶ YONGLI dryer as well as access to water, adjusting method.

    ⑷ adjust fan frequency (high water, reduce the fan, whereas elevated).

    ⑸ adjustment YONGLI dryer speed can be adjusted (high moisture, reduce, whereas elevated).


【The shutdown sequence】
1) about one hour before work stopped feeding grinding system (such as high-temperature fire, may be

    appropriate to reduce about 300 ℃).

2) Stop feeding after about 20-30 minutes (the dryer is expected to substantially all drying), the heating
    system to stop the fire.

3) After the fire stopped for about 20-30 minutes (while stocks of basic raw material in the dryer).

4) Stop the dryer operation and the main fan (boiling furnace, dryer temperature reduced to less 120 ℃).


【Pay attention】
①  YONGLI dryer not exceed the dryer output feeding drying.

② The electrical system failure.

     (1) The main fan stops running, you must close the compartment fire gate.

     (2) Ordinary single failure, the main fan can under normal operating conditions, if you can solve the problem

           in time, may not have to shut the gate; if the failure to resolve a long time and needs to close fire barrier
           gates, and other troubleshooting in the open.

NOTE: barrier gate open fire instantaneous shutter opening near the high temperature,

           the solution: front compartment fire gates open, first open the main fan, after opening YONGLI dryer drum

           (normal speed), requirements for tumble run for 2-3 minutes, open feeding system (wet material into the dryer)

           for about 2 minutes, turn the fire barrier gate, because this can prevent fire barrier gate opening instantaneous,

           high-temperature gas ignited dryer inlet is dried raw materials.