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Introduction to YONGLI pellet mill conditioner

     Quenched powdery material is granulated pellets before the hydrothermal treatment of a processing step.

Research has shown that quenching is one of the important factors affecting pellet quality; it is the overall

quality of the pellets in the role played by about 20%. With the improvement of the market for pellet feed quality

requirements, each feed processing enterprises also pay more attention to the quenched feed processing step.

Improved upgrade tempering system is an important means to improve their current pellet feed product quality

and enhance market competitiveness.


     For most animals, ability to digest starch is very low, but can be a greater degree of digestion of cooked

, quenched and tempered material allows to increase the degree of starch gelatinization under

hydrothermal action,but also to promote the material in the heat denaturation of proteins; denatured protein

easily digested, thereby increasing the digestibility of feed pellets.

     Tempering system can improve the granulation of materials, increase production, save energy

, increase pellet mill die, the life of the pressure roller. By quenching materials can soften, more

, and die in the hole wall, the inner wall of the die roll extrusion process and the appearance of the

reduced friction, avoid the granulation process a large amount of mechanical energy into heat energy, while

slowing the wear of the die and roll.